Petitions!      Petitions!      Petitions!

Ever feel like the Utah State Legislature is just not listening?   You are not alone!   Concerned citizens across the state are working together to put many serious issues directly on the 2018 ballot.   In order to qualify for the 2018 ballot, petitions must be approved by the Lt Governor’s office, and then 113,143 signatures must be gathered from across the state by April.   Each petition requires >2000 signatures from registered voters in Summit County alone.   Contact us today if you would like to add your signature or help gather signatures with us.   There are 4 petitions working to collect signatures now –

Gerrymandering has got to go!    The Better Boundaries initiative would create an Independent Redistricting Commission to redraw districts following the 2020 census.   It also requires the commission to meet clear standards on how the boundaries are drawn.   Find out more at the website.


Utah Patients Coalition (UPC) is leading a 2018 ballot initiative campaign to establish a Medical Cannabis program for sick and suffering Utahns.  The initiative would allow medical cannabis dispensaries to be licensed and operated, and would allow patients to legally purchase medical cannabis with their doctor’s recommendation.  Read more here.

Every Utah Child Deserves a High-Quality Education    High teacher turnover, large classroom sizes and low per-pupil spending are limiting student success in Utah.   The Teacher and Student Success Act increases investment directly in local Utah schools, by increasing the state income tax and the state sales tax.   Click here for more details.


The Utah Decides Healthcare initiative would secure Medicaid and CHIP for tens of thousands of Utahns, ensuring affordable access to doctors and hospitals for our most vulnerable citizens: seniors in nursing homes, mothers and hardworking families struggling to make ends meet.   Find out more here.

Make your voice heard in 2017.  Check out the newest page on our Summit County Democratic Party website  TAKE ACTION!  We’ll let you know where to find the marches, protests, and other activities that will keep you at the forefront of the excitement!

December 2017 Summit County Calendar

Wednesday, Dec 6 | Summit County County Meeting – Richins Building, Kimball Junction  Agenda

Thursday, Dec 7 | Eastern Summit County Planning Commission Meeting –  Kamas City Office, Kamas Agenda

Tuesday, Dec 12 | Summit County Democrats Executive Committee Meeting – Park City Library, 1255 Park Ave, Park City   6:30-8:00pm

Wednesday, Dec 13 | Summit County Council Meeting – Summit County Courthouse, Coalville Including Truth in Taxation Public Hearing  Click here to learn more