2020 Proposed State Delegate List

This list of people are the proposed State Delegates from the Summit County Democrats. They will be asked to participate in the Utah State Democratic Party State Convention on April 25th, voting for state-wide and multi-county offices (Congress, Governor, Attorney General, State House, State Senate, etc), via whatever method the Utah Democratic Party Subscribes (NOT in-person).

In order to approve this list of delegates we will be voting yes / no on the entire list during our County Convention on April 2. If you would like to be added to this list, please email info@scdems.org prior to April 2. It is a 2-year term, and you do NOT need to be a County Delegate in order to be a State Delegate.

Updated 4/1/2020 11:32 AM, will not be updated after 4/1/2020 11:59 PM

Alex Natt
Amber Nelson
Angela Moschetta
Beth Armstrong
Brad Kuhn
Canice Harte
Charles S. Giambusso
Cheryl Butler
Chris Neville
Cindy Levine
Deanna Rhodes
Diana Battersby
Dick Gary
Diego Zegarra
DJ Hubler
Donna McAleer
Douglas Clyde
Eileen Dunn
Elsa Gary
Ginger Tolman
Heather Currie
Jackie Krieger
Jane Yager
Jeff Nielsen
Jeff Stern
Jill Fellow
Jill Lesh
Joyce Butler
Judd Werner
Kara Hendrickson
Katy Owens Hubler
Kittie Friedman
Kristin Hessick
Leonard McGee
Leslie Moss
Lilah Rosenfeld
Lola Beatlebrox
Madeline Knauer
Marilyn C Clark
Matt Abbot
Meredith Reed
Michelle Deininger
Monica Mercer
Nan Chalat Noaker
Nann Worel
Pamela Graves-Longley
Robert Jasper
Robin Davis
Roger Armstrong
Roger Goldman
Rory Swensen
Sally Elliott
Samuel Brotherton
Shirley Wright
Steph Larsen
Stephanie Dolmat
Tania Knauer
Thomas Cooke
Tim Henney
Tom Horton
Torch Elliott
Vicky Fitlow
Zachary Swensen

After County Convention on April 2nd, and through April 11th, the Summit County Democrats Executive Committee will consider appointing people interested to fill any vacancies on this list, so if it is after April 2nd and you are still interested in being a state delegate, please email info@scdems.org.