Caucus Day – March 24th 2020

If you filled out the caucus form online, you should have received an email from with more information.  If you just recently filled it out, please give us at least 4 hours to send you the followup email.  If you have not received this email yet, please contact us at

To comply with recommendations from the State of Utah and Summit County, the Summit County Democrats have changed the format of their Caucus day on March 24th, 2020.  Instead of large events at several locations located throughout Summit County, caucus voters will record their votes for their precinct’s County Delegates by phone on March 24th.

What is the goal of caucus day?

During caucus day March 24th, our main goal is to elect 2 County Delegates from every precinct. They will serve at the County Convention on April 2 and vote on county democratic candidates there.

What should I do now if I want to participate in caucus day?

Every person wishing to participate in caucus day must register by visiting and filling out the form there.  Form submissions must be complete by 12 noon on March 23rd.  If you wish to be a County Delegate, it is recommended you complete it much earlier so we can get your information on the web site in the event of a contested election in your precinct.

What will happen next?

After you complete the form, a representative from the Summit County Democrats will reach out to you to confirm your identity, answer any questions you have, and make sure we have all the right information.

What if I want to be a County Delegate?

Find out more about what a county delegate does here here :

If you’d like to be a County Delegate, please check the box on the form when you fill it out.  A representative from the Summit County Dems will reach out to you to see if you’d like to post information on our web site about why you want to serve as a County Delegate, and a way to contact you.

How will I find out about County Delegate candidates?

County Delegate candidates will be given the opportunity to post a profile on the Summit County Democrats web site.  Profiles, along with contact information, will be listed by precinct as it becomes available.

The current list of people running for County Delegate is listed here :

What will happen on March 24th?

The afternoon of Monday March 23rd, all caucus attendees, whether they are running to be a delegate or not, will receive an email.

That email will include the following :

  1. A phone number to call to record their vote on Tuesday March 24.
  2. The list of people running for delegate, along with their contact information.
  3. A secret PIN number to provide to the person taking your vote over the phone.

From 8 AM through 8 PM on March 24th, voting by phone will be open.  Voters will call the phone number provided, provide their PIN (not their name), and give their delegate preferences to the volunteer on the other end.  We will used ranked choice voting, so the volunteer will gather your ranked preferences. You must vote for every delegate candidate in your preferred order. 1 for your first choice, 2 for your second choice, and so on.

The results will be calculated after the phones close at 8 PM. The two delegate candidates receiving the most votes will be elected as county delegates, and we will notify the caucus participants in each precinct of the results.

If only 1 or 2 people are running from a precinct, we will simply notify them that they are now delegates, and voting will not be needed.

What about County Convention April 2nd?

All County Delegates will receive a ballot in their email prior to our County Convention April 2nd.  Instead of having a standard in-person convention, we will set up “drive-by voting”.  Delegates will bring their ballots to a central location, show identification, and drop them off.  More details and specific locations will be coming soon.