County Convention 2020

All County Delegates will get the opportunity to vote in our 2020 County Convention through an ONLINE system.

At noon on Thursday April 2nd, each delegate will receive an email containing a link to their online ballot. This email is specific to each delegate, so please DO NOT SHARE this link or this email with anyone.

The link you are sent will lead to you to your ONLINE BALLOT. You will complete and submit this ballot in your web browser. Each delegate will only be allowed to vote once. If you attempt to access your ballot after having already submitted your vote, you will receive a message saying that you cannot vote, since your ballot has already been submitted.

Each delegate will have through 8 PM on Thursday April 2nd to submit their online ballot.

The online ballot will have several items on it (races with only one candidate must also appear on the ballot) :

  1. County Council Seats A,B,C
  2. County Assessor
  3. County Recorder
  4. County Treasurer
  5. List of State Delegates

Please make sure that you look at our candidate profiles.

To see the list of those who expressed interest in becoming State Delegates for State Convention on April 25, click here.

To see the sample ballot for all positions elected at County Convention, click here.

If you have questions about or trouble with the process, please email That email will be monitored closely during the process in case anyone has trouble completing their ballot, and we will return your email or call you ASAP after receiving your question.