County Convention 2020 Results

With 100% of 104 delegates participating, the Summit County Democrats are pleased to announce the results of our County Convention.

County Council Seat A

Roger Armstrong, nominated 89.4%

Jill Fellow 10.6%

County Council Seat B

Doug Clyde, nominated

County Council Seat C * note that these results mean this race will go to a primary in June as neither candidate received 60% of the vote

Canice Harte 53.8%

Malena Stevens 46.2%

County Assessor

Stephanie Larsen, nominated

County Recorder

Rhonda Francis, nominated

County Treasurer

Corrie Forsling, nominated

List of State Delegates — nominated

A huge thank you to everyone for adapting to changing circumstances and to our executive committee for finding a way to keep our democratic process going during this time!

To find more information about our candidates, please check out our candidate profiles and our Facebook page.