Precinct 26 – Ranch Place – Delegate Candidate Statements

Sean Jackson

My name is Sean Jackson and I am a 20 year old college student studying astrophysics. As a delegate, my youth will bring a perspective of someone who will be a part of the Summit County community for decades to come.

In college I regularly work in teams and use my analytical skills to look at all sides of any given problem. I will bring these important skills to the committee while representing our precinct in order to develop practical solutions and affect positive change. 

As a delegate, I would support candidates who also have the ability to look at all sides of a given problem and work with others to find the best solutions, both for our neighborhood and for the greater county. As a young person I am concerned with the well being of our community both in the present day and looking ahead to the future. Serving as a delegate would give me the opportunity to learn more about the political process in our community, allowing me to gain experience in order to affect more positive change in the future.

Please feel free to get in touch and speak with me. Thank you!

Judd Werner

I am a Utah native and lifelong Democrat. With exception of seven years working out of state and international job assignments I have been a resident of Summit County since 1992. I have two adult daughters educated predominantly through Park City Schools and a son currently enrolled at Jeremy Ranch Elementary. Since 1992 I have owned property and resided in Jeremy Ranch, Pinebrook and Ranch Place Neighborhoods.

I have served as a County and State Democratic Party Delegate since 2016, attending several county conventions and three Democratic Party State Conventions. I walked neighborhoods, contributed financially and made phone calls in both 2016 and 2018 for Democratic candidates. I collected signatures at multiple locations for the Better Boundaries Initiative. I helped start and led the local chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby between 2016 and 2018.  I made phone calls this year for the Mike Bloomberg campaign prior to the Utah primary.

In 2016 I had multiple conversations with county council and state legislature candidates prior to placing my vote. I’m committed to the same level of due diligence this year. As a delegate, my vote will go to the county council candidates most willing and capable of challenging growth which does not enhance the quality of life of current and future residents. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions about my candidacy:

  • 435-640-6380

Bob Richer

Western Summit County resident since 1980. Former Chairperson of the Summit County Democratic Party. Former member of the Park City Council. Former Summit County Commissioner.

Bob Richer

Robin Davis

My name is Robin Davis. I am a lifelong Democrat. I presently work as a paralegal. In my past I have been primarily in the health care field as a respiratory therapist, in pulmonary research and as a Clinical Trials Oncology Director. My husband Len McGee and I have lived in Park City for 11 years. I have been a county and state delegate for the last 20 years in Summit and Salt Lake Counties. I have volunteered for many political campaigns and have done the work on the ground to go door to door, call to get Democrat’s elected and to make and plant signs. I have volunteered at conventions and other gatherings of Democrats in Summit and Salt Lake Counties. If elected again I will be there ready and willing to work hard for Democrats running in our precinct, district and county. In my spare time I am  huge Jazz and Utah football fan and can be found screaming my lungs out at the games.

  • Email:
  • Cell: 801 792-2564

Kristin Hessick

I have been both a state and county delegate previously so I am familiar with how our system works. I have also volunteered at state conventions and election counting.  I’m in my 40’s and I work full time in the frontlines of healthcare as an MRI tech.  I’m also a single mom with two young girls. I prefer to be involved so that I can improve the system for my children and for my neighbors.   I care about equality and fairness in our systems.  I like to listen to each candidate and give them a chance to my consideration.  I consider myself a liberal and my personal values align similarly to Bernie Sanders.

Richard Fine

Bruce Carmichael