Precinct 3 – Prospector – County Delegate Candidate Statements

Tom Horton

Peter Cooke’s run for Congress in ’78 was the first campaign I worked on. My most recent was the Tax Reform Repeal Petition, for which I was Summit County coordinator. In between I have canvassed, fundraised, phoned, texted, and publicized for many local and national Democrats, most of them women. I have worked in Native American communities. Four years ago I was in my home state of Nevada working to elect Bernie Sanders.

In other words, I am not a post-on Facebook-and-call-it-a-day progressive. I get out and work the streets for candidates who will make a difference. That is why I want to be a delegate for Prospector.

Tough, tough choice in the open County Council job. I know Malena and Canice to both be terrifically qualified and effective. I have to go with Malena, knowing that we must preserve a woman’s voice on the council. Please support me in that.

Tom Horton
(mobile) +1 801 739-1499

Sally Elliott

I’ve served 12 years in elected office. It’s hard work, if you do it well. An effective County Council Member must understand all of the elements of County government. I will support the candidates who already understand those issues. We don’t have time to train newly elected people to do the job.

Torch Elliott

I have been a resident of Summit County for 33 years.
I have never held office, but have strongly supported my wife, Sally, through her years of working as an elected official and concerned citizen to help Summit County and Park City.
In a candidate, I look for demonstrated leadership, experience, and Democratic values.
I would like to represent you as a Prospector 3 delegate.
Thank you for your consideration of my request.
Charles (Torch) Elliott

Deanna Rhodes

I’ve worked to recruit, train and campaign for Democrats in Utah. In 2017, I volunteered to help coordinate the Women’s March in Park City. In 2017 and 2018, I also served as the Committeewoman for Summit County Democrats.

While in that position, I coordinated an event called “Ask Someone to Run”. We recruited candidates to run for local positions such as School Board, State House, and State Senate.

I’ve attended the Women’s Campaign School at Yale, YWCA Real Women Run, and Utah Democrat trainings. I served as the deputy campaign manager for Meaghan Miller for HD54 and on the kitchen cabinet for Chris Neville, HD53.   

I participated in the Police Citizen Academy and graduated from Leadership Park City. I have served on the Summit County Public Arts Advisory Council and currently serve on the Park City Police Complaint Review Committee and Summit County Recreation Arts and Parks Tax Advisory Committee.

Deanna Rhodes
435-901-0109 (c)

Diego Zegarra