Precinct 31 – Deer Valley South – County Delegate Candidate Statements

Tim Henney

I am a 28 year resident of Park City, served 10 years on the original Mountain Trails Foundation board, 5 years on the Summit Land Conservancy board, and currently am half way through my second term as member of the Park City Council. I believe there are essential skills and traits which are necessary to be effective, productive, and get things done while serving as an elected official in local government. Elected officials must be courageous enough to see beyond personal agendas, set aside egos, work for the benefit of the greater community, and protect the integrity of the process. At the same time they should not be attached to outcomes based on their personal experience, circumstance, and filters, but rather be willing and open to being informed by pubic process, which I believe, lies at the heart of the best decisions and outcomes. As a precinct delegate I will vote for the candidates who I think best meet these criteria. Thanks for your consideration.

Tim Henney

Nancy Dalaska

I am seeking your support to represent Deer Valley South as your County delegate.  As a 12-year resident of Park City, I am passionate about this community.  I am a member of the Park City Rotary Club, had participated in local government on the Blue Ribbon Commission for council and mayoral compensation and own my own local business.

I pledge to support candidates that have the experience and talent to help our community navigate through the uncharted territory where we now find ourselves. Park City and Summit County will face unique opportunities and challenges in the coming years. Had I written this statement months ago, those issues would be primarily traffic, grown, housing, maintaining a local spirit.  These challenges remain. However, now we will face human and economic challenges related to navigating through and recovering from Covid-19.

More than ever, our community will need strong leadership. I will consider and support those candidates that are most likely to help our community tirelessly for us all.

Nancy Dalaska

Nann Worel

Steve Joyce

Julie Joyce

Thea Leonard

Tanya Taylor

Donald Horwitz