Precinct 35 – Park Meadows North – Delegate Candidate Statements

Elsa Gary

Local officials make decisions on Issues like affordable housing, social equity, growth, traffic, environmental priorities, open space, and others which directly affect the quality of our lives. It is imperative that our County Councilors accurately represent the prevailing values of our community. I have served as a County Delegate since 2018 and as a State Delegate since 2016. As the co-founder of VOTERISE, I have been dedicated to voter registration and Get Out The Vote programs for 4 years and our program recently registered 300 high school students in Summit County in the course of one week. Last year, I also conceived of, and helped bring to fruition, the creation of Utah Women’s Voter Registration Day, the first of its kind in the nation, to address the fact that, according to 2016 and 2018 U.S. Census Data, there are approximately 300,000 women in Utah who are citizens but not registered to vote. With local elections sometimes decided by just a handful of votes…and, in some cases, just one…every vote does truly matter. Your vote is your voice and I hope you’ll cast yours on Tuesday and I’d be honored if you’d vote for me.

Elsa Gary

  • Email:
  • Landline: (435) 658-1023
  • Mobile: (310) 430-1202

Richard (Dick) Gary

My wife, Elsa, and I have been property owners in Park City for 32 years, first a ski condo, then a house. I am currently a delegate.

A lifelong Democrat, my first Utah political activity was in 2007 when Elsa and I co-hosted Barack Obama’s Park City visit.

In 2015, as full-time Utah residents, we became appalled at the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that has turned our elections into auctions. In 2016, we created VOTERISE, a nonpartisan 501(C)(3). Our mission is to get Utah’s 18-29-year-olds and underrepresented communities to register and vote.

Since our inception, we have registered almost 25,000 Utahns. In 2018, VOTERISE accounted for 30% of Utah’s new registrations. We combine registration with voting and our GOTV campaign resulted in a 75% turnout of our registrants.

In 2019, we had a resolution introduced in the Utah Legislature making February 14th Utah Women’s Voter Registration Day the first of its kind in the nation. It passed unanimously in the House and Senate.

2020 commemorates the 150th anniversary of Utah women being the first to vote in the nation under equal suffrage laws. There are currently over300,000 eligible but unregistered women in the state. VOTERISE initiated a new program, the 2020 CHALLENGE directed at them. Our goal is to recruit 1,000 Utah women as Ambassadors, each committed to registering 20 other women. To date, we have over 600 Ambassadors.

I care deeply about the future of Utah and I’m working to preserve it. I would appreciate your vote.

Dick Gary

  • 435-658-1023

Dana Kunz

Jennifer Gardner

Eric Miller

Marion Boland