Precinct 4 – Thaynes Canyons – County Delegate Candidate Statements

Kevin McCarthy

I have been a resident of Summit County since 1984, prior to that as a second home owner from 1973. I am active in Park City Rotary, which is responsible for the annual Miner’s Day celebration and I am deeply involved with the Summit County Search and Rescue operation. I want to be a delegate in order to help ensure that Summit County has strong and experienced leadership on the Summit County Council.

Donna VanBuren

I have lived in Summit County since 1972, and was on the first Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, for 9 years, often as Chair. I was an original member of BOSAC, the Open Space Committee, and have been an advocate for various important causes, speaking at many County Council Meetings. I’ve known both Canice Harte and Roger Armstrong through Park City Rotary, and also from being at Planning meetings and Council Meetings, so I’ve seen them in action and support their causes.

Thank you for your confidence in electing me to be a Delegate.

You may contact me at, or call me at 435-649-0652.

Gregg Lund

I am a full-time resident of Park City and have lived here part/full-time since 2003. Professionally I have been a Neonatologist (a pediatrician who cares for sick babies), co-founded a national practice (neonatology and high-risk OB), been involved in medical information technology, and have held various medical school dean positions. I recently came out of retirement to re-train so I can treat adolescents with substance use disorder. I have never practiced Neonatology in Park City, but have been a volunteer physician at the People Health Clinic. Most of my advocacy/political work has been done through the American Academy of Pediatrics to help improve the care of children. My politics can be described by my choice in the 2020 presidential race. My first choice was Senator Mike Bennet from Colorado, but since he dropped out before Super Tuesday, I voted for Vice-President Joe Biden.

I would like to participate more in the local Democratic party and work for solutions that are based on knowledge of history, the use of common sense, understanding of science, and caring for each other. The vitriol and talking past each other that we have now serves no good. To quote Bill Clinton during his inauguration, “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.” Make your selection today. Regardless of who you select, make sure you are taking care of yourself and others in the community as you are able.

Joyce Butler

Brett Armstrong

Josephine Janger

Frank Janger

Robert Pendergrast