Precinct 40 – Moose Hollow – County Delegate Candidate Statements

Elaine Murray

Hello, I’m Elaine Murray.  My husband and I moved to Summit County in 2002.  We have 3 teen boys, all in the PC School District.

I’ve been a delegate before. It was an awesome experience.  I have always been involved with the community: a Delegate, the TMJH PTO President, or an HOA Board member. Voting on a Delegate means you are trusting that Delegate to choose and support candidates on the resident’s behalf. I’d like to share who I’d support if I were voted a County Delegate.

Roger Armstrong:  I have met and interacted with Roger. I actually was a little sad at the time that he ran for Mayor, as I thought I the County Commission would have lost an amazing asset.  I am so happy he continues to lead County decisions.  I am impressed and confident of his handling of County affairs, and his great response and response time to constituents who reach out to him.

Canice Harte:Who hasn’t met or interacted with Canice?  My personal interactions were through Park City Running (and coffee) and Moose on the Loose.  I’ve also attended and spoken at the Planning Commissions’ Public Hearings, so I’ve see him in action already with important County Planning decisions on growth and change.

Both Roger and Canice have amazing connections with and have a pulse on Summit County residents.They have experience on our Boards that handle controversial issues.  I’m sure the other candidates are wonderful, but these two have an amazing track record. 

Elaine Murray


Carolyn Wawra

Jaron Ehlers

Julie Booth

Robert Zanetti

Kara Hendrickson

Holli Martinez