Precinct 41 – Upper Pinebrook – Delegate Candidate Statements

Lynne Rutan

My work as a grassroots mental health advocate and volunteer has demonstrated the essential role that elected officials like Roger Armstrong play in tackling big problems with an open mind to big solutions. As one of the co-founders of CONNECT Summit County and one of the co-founders and Board members of Summit County Clubhouse I have worked with Roger and have seen his commitment to the underserved in this county and his willingness to take on important issues such as the mental wellness of our community and to work to expand services.

My husband and I have lived in Upper Pinebrook for nearly 18 years. Please vote for me as a delegate for our neighborhood district if you agree that Roger Armstrong deserves to be returned to the County Council. He has experience, expertise, wisdom and a big heart for serving the needs of Summit County.

Jill Fellow

Tim Fellow

Matthew Alexander

Colin DeFord

Mary Jo Eichner

Richard Eichner