Precinct 42 – Snyder’s Mill – Delegate Candidate Statements

Galen and Alex Natt

Galen and Alex sent are both running for County Delegate, and sent in their statement together :

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Galen and Alex Natt are running to represent our precinct in the upcoming caucus and beyond.  By way of introduction, Galen and Alex have lived in Snyders Mill for 10 years.  We have a 13 year old in the Park City School District and a miniature labradoodle who isn’t supposed to shed.  Sure…

Galen works as an educator, teaching commercial interior design skills to other designers across the Herman Miller company.  She is passionate about keeping Summit County the precious place it is now so that our daughter can live and hopefully raise her family here.  Galen is a graduate of the University of Utah and holds several national design certifications.  This would be her first time holding any political position and she is anxious to serve.

Alex has practiced law in Summit County since 1998 and is associated with the law firm of Strachan, Strachan & Simon.   He has served on the Park City Historic District Commission, The RAP Tax Board, The Restaurant Tax Board, and is a graduate of Park City Leadership.  Alex has served as a delegate for Snyders Mill in the past and wishes to do so again.  His key issues are transportation and urban design, preserving the natural beauty of Summit County, and social justice.  He is graduate of the University of Utah College of Law and will receive an graduate certificate in Mediation/Dispute Resolution this spring.  

We hope that you will vote for us to be your precinct delegates.  Thank you for your time and attention. 

Malena Stevens

Scott Stevens

Liz Myers

Eileen Gallagher

Calum Clark

Laini Montlack

Joseph Tomlinson