Precinct 5 – Park Meadows South – County Delegate Candidate Statements

Madeline Knauer

Hi my name is Madeline and I am a 22 year old UC Berkeley student who graduated from Park City High School. I am back in Park City for the end of my senior year because of the CoronaVirus outbreak and will be living here until I go to medical school in a few years. In college, I was the president of a reproductive justice organization and helped pass a bill through the state legislature. I am interested in lifting up young female voices and think the future of the county depends on having new and old voices coming together. I was elected your county and state delegate for the 2016 election and would be honored to represent you again.


Madeline Knauer

Tania Knauer

My name is Tania Knauer, I have been living in Park Meadows for 18 years. I have participated in the election process since I moved here, as a county and state delegate in years past as well as a voting judge. I was also an elected official and served on the Park City Board of Ed from 2012-2016, I have an understanding of how our local county and city government works and what kind of individual we need to best serve our community. Currently, I am on the board of Planned Parenthood of Utah working to protect women’s reproductive rights in this state. 

Brent Whitford

Joe Cronley

Alex Butwinski

Kelly Cronley