Party Officer Descriptions

Executive Team Roles & Responsibilities

The Summit County Democrats Executive Team is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary and UDP Central Committee Representatives.

Together the Executive Officers seek to:

Plan & Inspire

Motivate the Democratic membership across Summit County.  Be Visible to Democrats and those outside the party.  Broadly acknowledge and share Successes.  Develop Vision, Mission and create Strategic Plans for:

  • Outreach & Grassroots Organizing
  • Communications
  • Issues Management
  • Candidate Identification and Support
  • Fundraising and Budget

Build Bridges

Initiate and maintain strategic relationships inside and outside the Party.   Serve as State Delegates to Utah Democratic Party, and as County Delegates within Summit County.

Grow Competence

Recruit and develop local volunteers, future Party leaders and candidates for Summit County.  Utilize technology to advance capabilities and capture new opportunities.  

Achieve Results

Deliver on the strategic plans and make progress on issues and elections!   Monitor, verify, communicate and celebrate Party results.

Summit County Democrats Chair Responsibilities

Work with Executive Team to develop and implement the Summit County Democratic Party Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plans.  

  • Lead Executive Committee Meetings (monthly), Central Committee Meetings (Qtrly) and County Conventions (yearly). 
  • Serve as spokesperson and diplomat for the Party with outside media and organizations. 
  • Ensure resources and support are available as needed, for Executive Team and Membership.

Summit County Democrats Vice Chair Responsibilities

Be the essential link between the Executive Team and the Precincts in their specific area.

  • Communicate Party plans to Precincts
  • Communicate issues and feedback from Precincts to the Executive team.
  • Organize voter registration and campaign support with the Precincts, recruiting volunteers and resources.

Summit County Democrats Secretary Responsibilities

The Secretary manages the Party records, including:

  • Minutes for Monthly Executive Committee Meetings, Central Committee Meetings, and County Conventions
  • Membership information
  • Correspondence & Publicity

The Secretary is also the Party liaison with County Clerk on candidates and election support.

Summit County Democrats Treasurer Responsibilities

The Treasurer is the chief financial officer for the Party –

  • Manages financial reporting to UT state gov
  • Prepares budget and reports on status of finances to Executive Team

UDP State Central Committee Man/Woman

Be the essential link between the Summit County Democratic Party and the Utah Democratic Party

  • Attend UDP Central Committee meetings and report back
  • Communicate issues and feedback from Summit County to UDP
  • Organize State Delegates from Summit County to the UDP convention.